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The Fleet Air Arm Association exists to perpetuate the comradeship which began in the Service, to foster good fellowship, render services to one another and promote social gatherings amongst members.
To assist members in matters relating to welfare. To maintain a close relationship with the Service and to inform the general public of the past traditions and present function of the Fleet Air Arm.

The Fleet Air Arm Association - Kent Branch was inaugurated by former Fleet Arm Arm personnel wishing to be represented at National events organised by, or involving, former and serving members of the Fleet Air Arm or other Branches of the Royal Navy and the other Armed Services who may have served on or operated from Aircraft Carriers, Naval Air Squadrons or Naval Air Stations.

The Branch is based at the Ramsgate Branch of the Royal Naval Association and meets at 1900 every 4th Monday in the month. Anyone wishing to join or learn more about the Association is welcome to attend or can obtain further details from the Secretary. Select 'Contact Us' from the main menu for details of how to contact the Secretary

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