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Birth of the Branch

In June 2008 Peter Nixon (Ex Chock head) and Mike Foote (Ex Greeny) both Committee Members of Ramsgate RNA and Chairman and Vice Chairman of The Channel Dash Association, were wondering why Kent did not have a National Fleet Air Arm Association Branch in the county.

Mike, a member of the Daedalus Branch, and Peter thought it was a ridicules situation that Kent, the birth place of Aviation and Naval Aviation in particular did not have a FAAA Branch. By early August they decided to look into the possibility of starting a Kent Branch and contacted the FAAA Secretary Arnold Thompson, who advised them to attend the next General Meeting being held at Derby in October where they would be able to address the National Committee and put forward their proposal to form a Kent Branch.

At the meeting in Derby, Peter and Mike explained how they proposed to base the Branch in Ramsgate but wanted to recruit members throughout the county. Monthly meetings would be held at the Ramsgate RNA Club, but once a quarter the meeting could be moved to a venue anywhere in the county to accommodate members from outside the Ramsgate area. The FAAA Committee gave them their full support and wished them every success.
Peter Nixon arranged a Press Release using a freelance journalist contact he had, and it went out in the local papers early January 2009.

The inaugural meeting was held at Ramsgate RNA on 31st January 2009; the attendance was 14 of which 10 joined... A Branch Committee was elected, Peter Nixon (Chairman), Mike Foote (Secretary) and John (Dinger) Bell (Treasurer).

The following day Peter and Mike attended the FAAA Committee meeting at RNA Hanworth to report on the Kent Branch inaugural meeting. The Committee gave them a generous grant of £200.00 to help establish the Branch.